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Met Back Bay's Brady Duhame on Greasy Spoon Memories

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Met Back Bay chef Brady Duhame shares some nostalgia for Greasy Spoons Week: "I grew up in Saratoga, New York, and my second restaurant job was a Mexican place in downtown Saratoga where all the Skidmore College kids seemed to think was the place to be back then, but little did they know what was going on in the kitchen. I was one of two dishwashers and the chef was this guy that stepped right out of a rock band (I think he thought he was in one the whole time I worked there) and right out of High Times magazine. He smoked cigarettes and weed and drank pitchers of beer all day long while he was cooking.

He slapped waitresses on their backsides and picked a waitress a week to try and sleep with. He listened to Zeppelin as loud as he could and played air guitar and flipped his hair back and forth just like he was in a rock band and cooked to the beat of the music. As for his cooking, he used a ton of oil when sauteing anything, but most of everything on that menu went into that nasty fryer that got changed MAYBE once a week, even that classic Mexican fried ice cream."

"My last day there was when I was at the dish machine standing in a small puddle of water getting electrocuted, while he was off cooking, jamming out to AC/DC. Finally a waitress came in and woke him up from his fantasy and helped me out of the dish pit.

I don't have a greasy spoon place that I frequent now, but when thinking of dishes and a greasy spoon joint I ate at as a kid (still there), it would be the Hungry Man's Breakfast Plate with fried eggs, buttered steak, buttered rye toast, and super greasy hash at Compton's in Saratoga at 4am."

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[Photo: Compton's Restaurant, Saratoga Springs/Yelp]

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