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Greasy Spoons Week

owldiner.jpg"My favorite "greasy spoon" from childhood (and today) is the Owl Diner in Lowell; today it's called the Four Sisters Owl Diner. I've been going since I was a little boy, and the most exciting thing was the mini jukeboxes on each table. I would always select the song "Lowell, Massachusetts, USA" by my grandfather and his band, Charlie Pelley & the Camelots. They have omelets named after streets in Lowell, and I've always ordered the Chelmsford St. omelet, which has ham, mushrooms, and onions. The waitresses are awesome, too; they handle, like, 40 people at a time each with no problem. They're such pros." — Brendan Pelly, executive chef at Zebra's Bistro in Medfield