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All Clover Locations Closed Until Further Notice

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Photo: Clover HSQ, Wikimedia Commons/Emw

Due to a number of recent salmonella cases in Massachusetts, several of whom may have eaten at Clover in the days leading up to sickness, Clover has decided to exercise caution and shut down all locations until further notice — until founder and CEO Ayr Muir learns more about the outbreak and conducts a "super deep spring cleaning" of the restaurants and trucks.

"Of course, the idea that somebody could have become sick eating our food is shocking, and very concerning," writes Muir on the Clover blog. "The state told me they don't know yet where the Salmonela [sic] is coming from and are currently investigating. This is something we take very seriously. Clover has never been responsible for any food poisoning or food borne illness that we know of. That's because we operate clean and take this sort of thing really really seriously."
Keep an eye on the main Clover Twitter feed for updates.
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