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The Improper's Annual 'Boston's Best' List Is Out

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With 2013 just halfway done, The Improper Bostonian has released its annual "Boston's Best" list, and with close to 90 categories in the food and drink section and nearly 50 for bars and clubs, practically everyone gets a little bit of the spotlight. There are some obvious choices, some head-scratchers, and perhaps a few overly specific categories, but overall, the list puts forth a solid collection of must-tries.

On the head-scratching end, Bronwyn gets name-dropped but not given the actual title in the category "Welcome Trend," where the winner is "Central/Eastern European Food"...due almost entirely to Bronwyn (and a little bit to a place that doesn't exist yet). Is it a "trend" if there's only one spot?

Forum is well deserving of its recognition for its upcoming relaunch, complete with renovations, a new chef, and a revamped menu, in light of its closure since the marathon, and Sapporo, a classic, snags the ramen title despite lots of fancier new offerings. Best hidden gem goes somewhere truly hidden — outside of the usual Boscamberville radius. It's Waltham's Taqueria el Amigo, "home of $2 tacos filled with rich, braised beef cheek," that brings home the gold. Meanwhile, Craigie on Main racks up another win for its famous burger.
· Boston's best (food & drink) [TIB]
[Photo: Craigie on Main/Cal Bingham]

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