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And The Next Truckstaurant Will Be...

Chicken & Rice Guys truck
Chicken & Rice Guys truck

Food truck Chicken & Rice Guys joins a litany of local food trucks opening bonafide brick and mortar restaurants. The truck posted to Facebook yesterday saying "We are opening up a restaurant, and will open late night." It appears as though a location has not yet been secured, since the post also asks "where do you guys want to be drunk and eat our chicken and rice?" (Answers range from "cambridge plz" to "the apartment next to mine is opening up.") The Chicken & Rice guys came into this world in the spring of 2012 and serve New York City-style halal street cuisine including chicken, gyro and tofu wraps and rice plates plus baklava, tabouleh and more. See below for a recap of other trucks doing the same. At this point, it might be more newsworthy to report when a food truck decides not to open a brick and mortar, so stay tuned for those updates.

Other food trucks that have recently opened brick and mortars: Bon Me, Momogoose.

Food trucks planning to open brick and mortars in the near future: Pennypackers, Roxy's Grilled Cheese, The Taco Truck (which already has one in Jersey), Mei Mei Street Kitchen, Staff Meal - as Rising Sun Tavern - and another from Clover.

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