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20-Seat Tasting Counter Will Be Ticket-Only

Photo: Official Site

A new Boston-bound restaurant called Tasting Counter will combine several national dining trends under one roof, serving tasting menus at a chef's counter and using a ticketing system instead of reservations. Tasting Counter is a project of Peter Ungár, who is chef-owner of The Dining Alternative, which creates private events similar to the concept Ungár has planned for Tasting Counter. According to his bio, Ungár is also a former poissonnier at Michelin Le Grand Véfour in Paris and is an alum of the former Boston establishments Aujourd'hui and Truly Jörg's Pâtisserie. His upcoming restaurant seeks to connect diners with their food on two levels: first, there's the intimacy of the chef's counter and open kitchen. Also, Tasting Counter pledges to source half of its ingredients from Massachusetts food producers, including on-site container gardens, and to serve only naturally produced wines.

Tasting Counter also claims that it will attempt to achieve a zero carbon footprint by collecting rainwater, recycling cooking oil (for non-culinary purposes) and so forth. Expect a late 2013 or early 2014 opening, and stay tuned for the location and further details. As always, hit up the tipline with any of your own, and see here for a promotional video for Tasting Counter, which appears to be still attracting investors.

· Tasting Counter [Official Site]