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End of an Era: The Rosebud Diner Is Now Closed

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The Rosebud Diner in Davis Square has long been expected to close, and those expectations have now been met. The Rosebud posted to Facebook last week saying "its time to say goodbye to the Grande Dame of Davis Sq" and noting "Tonite we close our doors for good." According to prior reports, Marty Bloom, the founder of Vinny Testa's (now Vinny T's), bought the diner car itself plus the attached Rosebud Bar and Grille and has plans to create a new and different restaurant in this same space, sparing the National Register of Historic Places-approved exterior of the diner, of course. Chowder spots a blog post by Rosebud employee Mike Gordon, who notes that the diner "has had the same ownership since before a lot of us were even a tickle in our daddy's pants." But Gordon then grows more somber, offering a heartfelt reflection on what it means to lose the longtime Davis Square venue. See below for an excerpt.

He writes:

I am having trouble keeping my head and eyes clear as I write this. The guys of the Rosebud are a part of my family. I have never been apart of something so cool, and something so fun in my entire life. Working there never actually felt like work, it felt more like hosting cool parties with your friends, that you had no idea who was going to show up. There was no fighting, no petty bullshit, nothing that would seem typical of a workplace. Just a bunch of guys having fun, and enjoying what they do. I am going to miss those guys, and that place. Thank you guys, hopefully one of these days we get to do this again. It has been an awesome ride, and I for one am sorry that it has to come to an end. I don't want to end this on a sad gloomy note. I can say without reservation that all of us can hold our heads up high. We did not go under because we were bad, we went out because we were too good at what we did. We have a brand and a legacy that will surely stand the test of time.

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Rosebud Diner

381 Summer Street, Somerville, MA