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Ken's Ramen Opening in Downtown Providence

A new ramen shop called Ken's Ramen is opening is downtown Providence, and it appears that the restaurant may be affiliated with the dear, departed Ken's Ramen in Allston. A representative for the upcoming Providence Ken's Ramen has emailed Eater saying "Ken-San and his team from Boston is starting the first authentic artisan ramen shop in Providence," noting that the menu will be "a fusion of Totto ramen NYC x Tsujita LA x Ivan Ramen Tokyo x Ken's Ramen (Ken san's personal friend 'Kenji's' ramen shop once upon a time located at super 88 in allston)."

So it appears that one or more of the following are true:

a) This shop will share team members with the original Allston Ken's Ramen.
b) Both chefs happen to be named Ken and are friends.
c) Both shops just have the same name and happen to specialize in ramen.

At the least, this Ken's team is also from Boston, per that email.

Ken's Ramen in Allston tied to win local food writer MC Slim JB's "Saddest Closing Award" in his 2011 Devil's Dining Awards. Slim called Ken's Ramen "Boston's greatest bowl of noodle soup" (it tied with Scup's in the Harbor - now KO Pies at the Shipyard- Don Ricardo's - now Vejigantes and Tawakal Halal Cuisine). Eater is awaiting confirmation about the exact relationship between the former Ken's and the future one: regardless, given the white-hot food nerd status of ramen and the long lines at existing ramen purveyors like Sapporo and YumeWoKatare combined with the relative proximity of Providence, there's a good chance noodleheads will be willing to make the trip. Stay tuned for further details.

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[Photo: Official Site]

Ken's Ramen

51 Washington Street, Providence, MA