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Hub's Pet-Friendliest Hotels; Historic Inns; Expert Booking

It's that real estate news time of the week. Here's Curbed Cuts from Curbed Boston.

HUB-WIDE - It's Hotels Week 2013 at Curbed Boston and as such we've unleashed our first-ever Hotels 18, a fluid map of the essential hotels of the Greater Boston region. Check inn (heh).
BOSTON - In which hotel was the 1919 World Series fixed? In which one did JFK propose to Jackie? Find out the answers to these and other questions in our map of the historic hotels of Boston!
HUB-WIDE - Are you the sort of adult human being who travels with a cat? Then here are the pet-friendliest hotels in the region, for your cat or dog or, in at least one case, bird.
HUB-WIDE - You want a deal on a Boston-area hotel? Here are tips from our resident expert for the next time you or yours books.