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Insomnia Cookies Will Thankfully Add a New Location

Photo: Insomnia Cookies Truck/Philadelphia411

If you've always been depressed that you're outside of the delivery radius of Insomnia Cookies' Harvard Square location, there's hope for you yet. Those who live near BU will soon be able to indulge in 3AM cookie and milk delivery. The late-night cookie company is opening a new location at 708 Commonwealth Ave. this summer, one of more than 30 locations across the Northeast and Midwest, according to a rep for the company. On the menu? Cookies, of course, but also brownies, cookiewiches, and ice cream. Hours and an opening date have not yet been announced for the BU location, but Harvard Square is open for retail between 11am and 3am and delivery between 5pm and 2:45am.

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Insomnia Cookies

708 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA 02215