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Quebec National Day; Red Lobster Biscuit Overload

SOUTH END — The Beehive celebrates la Fête nationale du Québec tonight between 5pm and 11pm with some special dishes, including foie gras and maple crème brulée, Brome Lake duck breast au poivre with sweet potato fries, and Québec-style lobster spaghetti. Singer-songwriters Isabelle Cyr and Yves Marchand will perform Québec and Acadian pieces. [Official Site]

HUB-WIDE — Boloco is offering a few new specials for a limited time, inspired by the cuisine of the Middle East. There's a falafel burrito, a kale-quinoa burrito, pita chips, and lemon-mint slush. [Newsletter]

BEYOND THE HUB — A former Boston food blogger who now lives in Little Rock, Arkansas made international news today after a satire story about his alleged attempt to eat 413 Red Lobster biscuits (supposedly sending him into a butter-induced coma) got picked up by The Sun and beyond. Kevin Shalin is alive and well and tells Eater that he actually just had two biscuits. "They were good," he said. "The rest of the meal was awful." [HuffPo]
[Photo: The Beehive/Official Site]


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