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Nebo Now Open at Atlantic Wharf

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Photo: New signage/Facebook

The Pallotta sisters reopened their eight-year-old Italian restaurant Nebo in its brand new location last night, next to Trade at Atlantic Wharf, Boston Restaurant Talk reports. Back in January, Carla and Christine Pallotta discussed the upcoming move with Eater. "It's like sitting in a snowglobe," said Christine. "It's just beautiful. The bricks and windows and metal and everything that I ever visualized - I can't believe I'm actually getting it. It's my dream place." Moving from the North End was a difficult choice - "We grew up on the street over," said Carla, "so we have those emotional ties to this [original] location." - but the sisters hope to bring a North End feel to the new spot.

"The name of this restaurant means North End Boston, so now I'm just going to say it means North End Brought Over," said Christine. "That's what we're hoping to do. Bring a little bit of the North End to Atlantic Wharf. I still want it to be a neighborhood place...I want you to feel like it's Cheers."

Meanwhile, the North End location won't be empty for long. Ward 8 Cocktail Bar is moving in and plans on a summer opening.
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