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Cuchi Cuchi Seeks 'Great Seductive Phone Voice'

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Photo: Cuchi Cuchi/Official Site

Do you have an appreciation for "20-40's retro Hollywood glam" and a willingness to "dress accordingly?" Are you one who has "humor, maturity, oozes charm, loves to "dress-up" (we have jewels and clothes to borrow), is theatrical?" Are you free of "earplugs or unflattering tattoos" but full of a "great seductive phone voice?" If so, you're in luck! Central Square's boudoir-esque Cuchi Cuchi is seeking a "sparkling server" and a "fab host," and "no introverts or shy types" need apply. But if something a little more casual is your style, a French Fry Heaven franchise is opening up soon at the Natick Mall, and they're seeking "happy leaders" who are "baby-bird-in-the-hand trustworthy" and "taste buds" who are "Abe Lincoln honest." Or, you can just head over to Eater's job marketplace to find the perfect fit.
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Cuchi Cuchi

795 Main Street, , MA 02139 (617) 864-2929 Visit Website

Cuchi Cuchi

795 Main Street, Cambridge, MA 02139