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The End of Cafe Japonaise?

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Photo: Yelp/barbaric y.

An Eater tipster writes in with a sad note about Cafe Japonaise near Packard's Corner: "I stopped by there yesterday and the place was cleaned out." The website for the Japonaise family of cafes, which also includes Japonaise Bakery and Cafe on Beacon St. in Brookline and Japonaise Bakery in Porter Square, is currently down, and there are no recent posts on the company's social media accounts. Calls to the Packard's Corner and Porter locations went unanswered during usual business hours, while calls to Beacon St. went to a full mailbox. Is one or more of the locations closed for good? Hit up the tipline if you've got any news.

UPDATE: The Commonwealth Ave. is merging into the Beacon St. location, which will be temporarily closed to accommodate the move, per a note posted on the door at Beacon St.:

"To our loyal customers...Due to our need to merge our Commonwealth location into our Beacon location major restructuring of our kitchen needs to be done to accommodate all our equipment. Please bear with us as we will need to temporarily close to make this adjustment. Sorry for the inconvenience. We thank you for your patience and look forward to serving you the quality baked goods and food items that you have been missing in the near future."
· Cafe Japonaise Boston [Yelp]

Cafe Japonaise

1032 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 02215