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Clover Will Add a Kendall Square Brick and Mortar

A permanent Clover space is set to join the original truck in Kendall Square in late summer or fall, Zagat reports. The Clover empire now includes five brick-and-mortar locations that are either open or in the process of opening (Burlington and Brookline Village will launch any day now) and eleven regular truck locations throughout Boston and Cambridge.

"Given our truck at Kendall we've been determined that someday we'd open a full restaurant in that area," writes founder and CEO Ayr Muir on the company blog. "I thought it might take 5 years before we found the right opening. When Chipotle opened we watched their construction jealously. There just aren't that many openings on Main St. and that's where we wanted to be." Luckily for Muir and Kendall Square Clover fanatics, a space opened up between Legal Sea Foods and the Coop due to the creation of a new entrance for the Google building. Keeping his innovative neighbors in mind, Muir wants to let this location live up to the company's full name, Clover Food Lab: "We already have dreams of creating a little 'lab' within our food lab that would allow you to test/ play with new ideas. I'm thinking a couple of screens/ an area of the restaurant that would be open to Google developers who want to see how live people interact with their ideas."
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[Photo: Clover/Official Site]