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Pastoral's Todd Winer Is a Certified Professional Pizzaiolo

Photo: Pastoral/Facebook

Pastoral will apparently be serving Neapolitan-style pizza. Todd Winer, the owner of the upcoming Fort Point pizzeria, has successfully completed a three-day pizzaiolo training course through VPN Americas, the US and Canadian branch of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, the board that strictly governs true Neapolitan pizza-making around the globe. The course includes theory (knowledge of ingredients, equipment, and proper pizza-making processes), a hands-on workshop, and written and practical exams. Passing the course results in "Professional Pizzaiolo" status, but to become a fully certified member of the association, restaurants must jump through additional hoops. The only Massachusetts restaurant currently certified is Posto in Davis Square. Pastoral, a "kitchen and bar" serving "ARTisanal pizza," is planning to open this summer.
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Posto (Somerville)

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