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Rooftop @ Revere Conjures Vegas

Photo: Chris Coe

New Revere Hotel addition Rooftop @ Revere gets a visit from Luke O'Neil for the Metro's Thursty column. Unlike other, similar attempts "to simulate the glitz of Las Vegas here in decidedly un-glitzy Boston" this space "is genuinely beautiful." But while there seems to be a surplus of "bikini top-clad waitresses," service expectations are not quite met due in part to the system of ordering. However, O'Neil's overall experience is positive, and he finds the venue to be a unique addition; not something one can say for every Boston opening. "Despite the hiccups in operations, however, this place is definitely worth a visit, and I'm looking forward to going back." [Metro]

At Tupelo in Inman Square, "Southern hospitality... is second to none," says Richard Chudy for the Man Food column on Chowder. He even likes the peeling paint. "Sometimes, though, the dishes are simple to a fault." Among those, Chudy lists deep-fried grits ("underseasoned"), biscuits ("pretty bland") and pimento cheese ("impossible to detect any flavors other than a not-so sharp cheddar"). The pork belly corn dog achieves higher praise, but overall, "the food at Tupelo doesn't quite live up to the ambiance." [C]

Anthony's East Side Deli feels older than it is, says Glenn Yoder for the Globe's latest Cheap Eats column. The former owner of Maria's Italian Cold Cuts in Somerville has this time created an establishment that "feels like it's been in the East Arlington neighborhood for a century." Subs like the Spy Ponder (an enhanced Caprese) include "a combination that works very well together," though "other sandwiches off the custom 'Something Different' menu are not as consistent." [BG]