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Rachel Leah Blumenthal IN as Editor of Eater Boston

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E2013-06-14-at-2.54.34-PM.pngEater is pleased to announce that Rachel Leah Blumenthal has joined the Boston team as Editor. In addition to serving as a contributing writer, guest editor and photographer for Eater Boston, Rachel has also written restaurant reviews for CBS Boston and 2 Dine For Boston and has served as the community manager for Tasted Menu and the founder of the Boston Food Bloggers as well as her own food blog Fork it Over, Boston!

Rachel is replacing founding editor Aaron Kagan, who has been covering Boston's vibrant dining scene since the site first launched in November, 2011. Aaron is now bound for a new life as a teacher in the Land of Enchantment (aka New Mexico).

Please give a big welcome to Rachel down below. Or, if you favor more intimate means of connection, reach her at As always, your tips and gossip are appreciated.

Now here's the contest part. This Sunday evening, June 16, Eater will be celebrating our editorial changing of the guard. Be among the first to email with the subject heading "Yes, I Like Parties" for a chance to gain entry to the event. Winners will be selected at random, and details will follow for those who are chosen. Ready? Go!