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The Early Word on Bronwyn

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Photo: Chris Coe

Bronwyn opened in Somerville last month, the latest addition to Union Square's recent influx of restaurants. Months of anticipation built up while T.W. Food's Tim and Bronwyn Wiechmann slowly gutted and renovated the old Ronnarong space and adjacent store, reworked the patio into a quaint biergarten, and even installed a pretty cool door. Bronwyn (the restaurant, not the person) serves up a German-centric menu that pulls inspiration from nearby parts of Central and Eastern Europe, cuisine that's not very easy to find in the Boston area: zungenblutwurst, jägerschnitzel, haxe, and more. So was the anticipation warranted? Here's the early word on Bronwyn.

The beer news: Though Globe critic Devra First overheard one patron marveling at the sheer number of Delaware beers on the list, most Bronwyn diners will realize that DE stands for Deutschland – that would be Germany. The list is full of German and German-style beers, including some relatively uncommon finds. "The list also holds fascinations such as a lightly smoked lager and a grapefruit hefeweiss," observes First. [BG]

The two people can't finish one pretzel news: Much has been made of chef Tim Wiechmann's homemade pretzel – or bretzel, as the menu calls it. "The pretzel was enormous, wonderfully textured, and golden on the outside," writes David R. on his Good Food in Boston blog. "It comes with a very spicy roasted apple mustard that was delicious. One pretzel was more than two of us could finish, though we came close." [Official Site]

The good fritter news: "I think my favorite item, honestly, was the Rebekuchen with smoked ramps," writes Chowhound user xerxes_xerxes. "Good lord, it was heavenly—buttery and tender with a dark crunchy exterior. Then again, I'm a sucker for a good fritter." [CH]

The Ich bin ein Berliner news: The hearty menu inspires many a review containing something along the lines of: "I barely had room for dessert, but?" The Berliner is turning out to be the popular choice – homemade, raspberry-stuffed doughnuts with a chocolate dipping sauce. "Oh my? yes please," writes one Yelper. "And warm, and well worth the calories." Another adds: "A tie for best thing on the menu." [Yelp]

The sludgy spaetzle news: Might want to share that spaetzle with someone. "It was unctuous, heavy, but the flavor was delicious," writes Chowhound user Prav. "Definitely a dish to split, though, because its heaviness would make you feel like sludge." [CH]

The wurst news: If you eat at Bronwyn, you are guaranteed to overhear at least a few people chuckling about eating the "best wurst." So is the sausage worth the embarrassment of uttering an overused joke? It seems to be. The Yelp consensus is that the wurst is indeed "the best," "amazing," and "delicious," although some reviewers note that the portion is rather small for the price. [Yelp]

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255 Washington St., Somerville, MA 02143