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Cricket-Themed Hit Wicket Has Soft-Opened

Photo: Chris Coe

Hit Wicket, the first and only cricket-themed restaurant in Inman Square (and possibly the country) has held a couple soft opening services and will continue to be softly open this Wednesday and Thursday, according to a rep for the restaurant. That's the sport called cricket, not the insect, by the way. On the menu? Dishes inspired by street foods from cricket-obsessed places like Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, England, South Africa, and the West Indies. Enthusiasts and cricket newbies alike can watch live games on TVs and ogle game memorabilia adorning the walls of the space formerly known as Spice & Rice. Hit Wicket hasn't shared official hours yet, so keep an eye on the restaurant's Facebook page or give them a call before heading over in the next few days, and stay tuned for updates or hit up the tipline with any additional information.

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Hit Wicket

1172 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA 02139 (617) 945-9259 Visit Website

Hit Wicket

1172 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA