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Somerville's Flatbread Company Plans for 171 New Seats

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Sacco's Bowl Haven & Flatbread Company is planning a major renovation that would create an additional 171 seats both indoor and outdoor. Wicked Local Somerville reports that the venue has been approved to expand 5,000 feet, including going into the building next door at 49 Day Street. That new space will be used for 95 seats inside and another 76 on a patio. The article says that the added space will be rented out for private events and notes that the existing building's entrance would stay the same. Flatbread Company has ten locations throughout New England and first came to the Boston area when it moved into Sacco's Bowl Haven in July 2009.

· Somerville's Flatbread Gets Approval for Expansion [Wicked Local]
[Photo: HiddenBoston]