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Hatchets Will Play a Part at Carrie Nation Cocktail Club

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Photo: Facebook/Carrie Nation Cocktail Club

Upcoming Beacon Hill hatchet-wielding temperance activist-themed Carrie Nation Cocktail Club has reached the papered windows phase per a recent photo posted to Facebook. The self-described "whiskey lounge" is named for the real-life temperance activist Carry A. Nation, aka Carrie Nation, who felt it was her duty to figuratively carry the nation towards a future without booze by literally smashing up bars with a hatchet. Well, that's one way to get bars' attention a century later. The venue comes from the East Coast Tavern Group, which also owns the nearby Emmet's Irish Pub and Scholars American Bistro. Expect French-influenced American cuisine. And images of hatchets on things. As always, hit up the tipline with any further intel.

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Carrie Nation Cocktail Club

11 Beacon Street, Boston, MA