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Upscale, Pan-Asian Roka Coming to The South End

Photo: SöKA Studio

A big, new upscale pan-Asian restaurant called Roka is headed for 801 Mass Ave in the South End. Boston Restaurant Talk spots a Craigslist job posting for the new restaurant and a blurb from the design team at SöKA Studio, which says the 7,000 square foot restaurant will feature sushi, a bar and private dining rooms. Based on the address, BRT posits that Roka could be moving into the Crosstown Building on the Boston Medical Center campus. It's not every day that a new restaurant homophonically replaces an old one: Roka is not be confused with the former South End restaurant Rocca, which has since become Cinquecento, and it's even more rare for that restaurant to rhyme with the name of its design firm. Clearly, this is bound to be a hit with the grammar nerds. Stay tuned for more details and do send any of your own to the tipline.

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801 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, MA