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99 Years Later, The End of Brigham's Ice Cream Shops

Photo: Yelp/Christopher S.

Once a mighty empire, the last four locations of Brigham's Ice Cream shops are converting into different venues with different names. Wicked Local Arlington reports that there have been Brigham's Ice Cream brick and mortars in Massachusetts for 99 years, though the four, independently owned franchise holdouts - in Arlington Heights, Andover, Quincy and Hingham - are being forced to reinvent now that the company has decided to stop selling its ice cream in bulk containers. Brigham's Ice Cream will be still be available in smaller sizes in supermarkets, but what would be the point of going to an ice cream store to eat ice cream scooped out of the same size container you could buy on your own? Also, it probably wouldn't be financially feasible and would probably be more sticky.

The company closed most of its locations in 2008 and declared bankruptcy in 2009, says Boston Restaurant Talk. Hood bought it, and now Hood has decided to stop filling those bigger containers. According to BRT, the Quincy location is becoming The Ice Cream Parlor and will carry ice cream from Sugar Maple Creamery and the Arlington location has yet to be renamed but may serve Richie's Slush. And just one year short of a century.

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Brigham's Ice Cream

1328 Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington, MA