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What a Power Outage Costs a Restaurant

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Photo: El Pelon Brighton's sales report after a day's blackout /El Pelon Twitter

El Pelon Taqueria and Crazy Dough's were two of the businesses who lost all of yesterday's sales after a day long power outage in Brighton. Restaurant owners Jim Hoben and Doug Ferriman took to Twitter to complain about NStar's (lack of) response. Hoben said thanks to the utility's ever changing estimates, not only did he lose sales, but he also kept his staff on standby all day.

In other NStar and restaurant news, H Mart's Central Square store and food court will be opening a year later than expected due to a confusion with the utility, and last year's massive multiple day power outage in Boston still remains on the minds of many.
-Drew Starr

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Crazy Dough's Pizza

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El Pelon Taqueria

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