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Restaurant for The Boston Innovation Center; Beer Recall

SEAPORT DISTRICT - When the Innovation Center opens in the Seaport/Innovation District/ SeaNovation Portrict, expect a 3,000 square foot restaurant and cafe, says the Boston Business Journal. The center is slated for a June opening - the same may or may not go for the restaurant, so stay tuned for further details. [BBJ]

SOMERVILLE - Until now, Taza Chocolate has wrapped its wares by hand. Soon, a new machine will take care of that at a rate of roughly one per second, says the Globe. Fun fact: the original concept for the company was "a chocolate lounge called Melt." [BG]

HUB-WIDE - If you bought a bottle of Mystic Entropy by Mystic Brewery in Chelsea, watch out. An email from the brewery insists that all bottles be returned for a refund due to "pressure beyond acceptable levels." Those who won't return them should "keep the bottles refrigerated and consume the beer as soon as possible." [Official Site]

Update: see here for more details.

[Photo: Boston Innovation Center/Hacin and Associates via Curbed]