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More Mobile Coffee Service; Union Fish Opens

DOWNTOWN - Aussie coffeeshop Cuppacoffee, which soft-opens Saturday, is also featuring a mobile coffee service for local offices within a mile of the shop, right by the Haymarket T station. Instead of making coffee for employees, businesses can just have a guy with a bunch of coffee strapped to his back show up. For more details, email [Official Site]

HINGHAM - Union Fish opens today in the Hingham Shipyard, and is a project of the Boston-based Dramshop Hospitality restaurant group, which also runs the Regal Beagle in Brookline and Fenway's Church. The group's newest restaurant features chef Brandon Babiarz and is the only non-Wahlburg establishment in the immediate vicinity. [Official Site]

VERMONT - Remember how wild foods expert Russ Cohen said that chefs should only used ramp leaves instead of the bulbs, the harvesting of which kills the plant? The Hunger Mountain Coop in Montpelier has joined the "no dig" movement and now only sells the plant's leaves. Know of any others doing the same? [EBOS]
[Photo: Union Fish/Official Site]