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Lucky South End Gets Another Puerto Rican Restaurant

The South End has a brand new Puerto Rican restaurant in Maná Escondido Café, which is now open at 68 Aguadilla Street, in the former home of Cafe Miami, says Boston Restaurant Talk. The restaurant previously said to expect "delicious and affordable home-style Puerto Rican cuisine" with some items unavailable elsewhere in-state. Mana Escondido is located just a block away from Vejigantes, which also serves Puerto Rican fare and which joined the neighborhood in July 2012. Mana Escondido Cafe opens just in time for Cinco de Mayo, which is a meaningless coincidence as Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican holiday and this is a Puerto Rican restaurant, but which is still probably something that some people will say. The restaurant is currently unavailable for comment, so stay tuned for further menu details. As always, do send your own updates to the tipline.

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[Photo: Official Site]

Mana Escondido Cafe

68 Aguadilla Street, Boston, MA