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The Palm by The Numbers

Photo: Chris Coe

The Palm closed in December 2011. Now, a year and a half later, it's open again in a new location, serving lunch and dinner. Need proof? Here's some guys in suits cutting the ribbon. Some relevant numbers:

· 1926: when the chain opened its first restaurant.
· 28: number of locations of The Palm, from Atlanta to Mexico City.
· 666: a number many find to be scary (has nothing to do with The Palm).
· 25.90: the cost, in dollars, for the three-course prix fixe lunch.
· 320: how many people can eat here at one time.
· 36: ounces of beef in the Prime Double Cut New York Strip ($99.80).
· 4.5 million: the cost, in dollars, for creating this space.
· 3: minimum poundage of lobsters acceptable by chef Karen Mitchell.

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The Palm Restaurant Boston

One International Place, Boston, MA 02110 617 867 9292

The Palm

One International Place, Boston, MA