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Swim Shopping Guide; Frye, Warby Parker Open; More

It's time again for On The Racked: local fashion news from Racked Boston.

Image via American Apparel

HUB-WIDE—On a mid-July day, the Back Bay is just about as far away as you would want to be from Cape Cod Bay—but it's exactly where to tackle pesky swimwear shopping in anticipation of those upcoming beach bum weeks.

BACK BAY—New Englanders need a sturdy shoe, and Frye has delivered that necessity since 1863—which is exactly why the opening of the company's second flagship store is kind of like a homecoming.

HUB-WIDE—A Wall Street Journal article highlights some of the similar trials and tribulations Boston fashion trucks face in likeminded cities like San Francisco and New York.

BACK BAY—We've got all the must-know details on Warby Parker's second foray offline from the world of online eyewear. The store opens tomorrow.