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Carrie Nation Cocktail Club Opens Next Week And Here Are All of Its Menus

Photo: What appears to be a look inside/Official Site

Imminent Beacon Hill temperance activist-themed restaurant and bar Carrie Nation Cocktail Club has shared an opening timeframe. Per the venue's Facebook page, expect an opening next week. Carrie Nation describes its concept as "turn of the century cocktails with European inspired cuisine," which is doubly humorous since the actual, historical Carrie Nation disliked both alcohol and foreign foods. Carrie Nation will serve breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner prepared by chef Karen Murphy. See below for those and the drinks menu, and here are some highlights.

Breakfast: bacon and leek tartlet, slow-baked eggs.
Lunch: Smoked seafood pie, rabbit fritters.
Afternoon Tea: crab and mascarpone tea sandwiches, truffles.
Dinner: Moroccan lamb tagine, peanut butter and chicken wrap.
Dessert: rhubarb panna cotta, baked cheesecake.
Drinks: a barrel aged cocktail, a milk punch.


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Carrie Nation Cocktail Club

11 Beacon Street, Boston, MA