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Michael Schlow Flagship Radius Closes June 29

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Photo: Radius/Cal Bingham

The Globe confirms what has long been rumored: that Michael Schlow's Financial District flagship Radius is indeed not renewing its lease and is therefore closing, on June 29. Schlow tells Globe correspondent Glenn Yoder that he plans to open a restaurant just a ten-minute walk from Radius that will most likely have a different name but will be staffed by "the same team." Schlow admits that "There is a movement across the country right now for a more casual, more communal style of dining" but denies that Radius is closing due to lack of business, saying "Business has been good" when Yoder asks "But to be clear, business has been steady?" Radius was the first restaurant of many for Schlow, including Via Matta, the original Tico and now a DC expansion. Radius opened in 1999: stay tuned for news of the next Schlowstaurant and send any intel of your own to the tipline.

Correction: Radius is in the Financial District, not Back Bay, as previously reported.

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