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Update: Crossroads to Pour Its Last on April 20

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Photo: Official Site

Rumor had it that Back Bay pub Crossroads was closing, and now that rumor has become truth. Last week the pub posted on Facebook saying "Today, with heavy hearts, we are making our official announcement...Our final day of business will be April 15th." The pub thanks its patrons and expresses hope "that you will all stop in over the next couple of weeks to have one last drink with us!" A poster on Chowhound also spotted the closure on RaceMenu, who calls the pub
an "institution of the local running scene," which suggests that the closing date of Marathon Monday might not be a mere coincidence. According to its website, Crossroads is also known as Brodigan's.

Update: The pub will remain open until April 20.

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495 Beacon St Boston, MA, 02215