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Sibling Rivalry Ends Inconclusively After Nine Years

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After nine years of food fights in the South End, chef/brothers David and Bob Kinkead closed Sibling Rivalry for good this week, and now we'll never know the "winner." The premise of the playful rivalry was that each chef would create his own menu showcasing seasonal ingredients, but the gimmick was much more subtle than, say, a dueling piano bar; in reality, diners got to benefit from a menu featuring distinct dishes from two chefs, but no spatulas were thrown and no banana peels were placed on the kitchen floor. According to the South End Patch, a note on the door reads, "We will be officially closed as of April 2nd. Thank you for your local support and memories these past nine years."

No word yet on what will become of the space at 525 Tremont Street or what David will do next, but it appears that Bob Kinkead has headed back down to his old stomping grounds in DC to open a new restaurant, Ancora, in the wake of the closure of one of his other restaurants, Kinkead's, that had been open for nearly two decades.

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Sibling Rivalry

525 Tremont St, Boston, MA