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Style Showdown; Refurbished Boutiques; More

It's time for this week's On The Racked with local fashion news from Racked Boston.

Vote in our first ever Neighborhood Style Showdown

BEACON HILL/SOUTH END - In our inaugural Neighborhood Style Showdown, we are doing a bracket style competition for the most stylish corner of Boston. Winding down with the second round, we have Beacon Hill and the South End fighting for a chance to proceed to the final match-up.

HUB-WIDE - Boston can look forward to some retail additions in 2013, as well as some refurbished boutiques, so we mapped 'em out. Consider this New and Improved 101.

ONLINE - The time of year to shed clothing as arrived—but make sure you do so for your face as well. Here are six body and face scrubs to banish that icky winter skin before exposing yourself to UV rays (ahhh, sunlight).

HUB-WIDE - We've updated our Racked 38 guide to Boston's essential shopping experiences. Some new favorites include North River Outfitter in Beacon Hill, Mohr & McPherson and Bobby From Boston in the South End, and finally, Shake the Tree in the North End.