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Canned Sam Adams; Chili Eating Champion

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HUB-WIDE - Expect to see the first ever cans of Samuel Adams Boston Lager next week, says Forklift. Some features of the atypical cans include a wider lid that is "pushed back slightly, toward the center of the can, so it's closer to the nose when you drink," an extended lip, and hipster cred. [BH]

BROOKLINE - Here's an intriguing but totally unconfirmed tip about a possible replacement for the recently closed Beacon Street Tavern, courtesy of an anonymous reader: "I am hearing its gonna be a Kosher, gluten free, raw foods concept offering salads and meatballs." Are there really such a thing as kosher, gluten-free, raw meatballs? Stay tuned. [EBOS]

FENWAY - Finalists will be competing for the title of 2013 Chili Eating Champion at El Pelon Taqueria on Peterborough Street tomorrow, May 1, at 9PM. The contest will go "until the last person is left, still standing, while the others retch in the street." The winner gets a year of free burritos, assuming they will be able to eat solid food again. [Facebook]
[Photo: Facebook/El Pelon Taqueria]

El Pelon Taqueria

92 Peterborough Street, Boston, MA 02215 617 262 9090