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Fenway's Hong Kong Cafe Headed to Coolidge Corner

Hong Kong Cafe on Boylston Street in Fenway is planning to open Hong Kong Cafe II in Coolidge Corner, says Wicked Local Brookline. The new, takeout-only restaurant is headed for 1391 Beacon St., which was previously the home of Yummy House Restaurant. Expect a May opening and late-night hours, from 4PM to 2AM, seven days a week. The crab rangoon test confirms that the menu at the existing restaurant is heavy on American Chinese dishes like sweet and sour shrimp, eight delight with vegetables chow foon, and "amazing chicken." The international influences one might expect from a restaurant with Hong Kong in its name do surface in some dishes, as in curry rice plates and udon soups. Also, Peking duck.

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[Photo: LAZParking]