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Any Other Burger Chains Want In? Yes: Checkers

Photo: Cake in the Conference Room

Add Checkers to the growing list of burger chains planning a Boston expansion. A representative for the Florida-based company tells the Boston Business Journal that Checkers is "looking at sites in the Back Bay, Somerville, Brookline, the Fenway, and the hot spots around Greater Boston." According to the BBJ, Checkers has over 800 stores across the U.S. and plans to open 200 more - that makes a thousand, folks - and though the company is best known for its drive-thrus, a Boston location would likely manifest as a 1,4000 square foot restaurant of the sit-down and takeout variety. On the standard Checkers menu: burgers, fried chicken sandwiches, fried fish sandwiches, other fried stuff, and other sandwiches. Also, hot dogs, shakes and "cinnamon apple pie." Prediction: like Shake Shack and Bobby's Burger Palace, it will open in the burbs first.

There has been so much burger activity of late that it's hard to keep track. But here it all is.

· Shake Shack is the latest addition to the scene, having opened shop in Chestnut Hill last month.

· b.good is planning to open 30 or so more locations throughout New England in the next few years.

· Uburger just expanded to Faneuil Hall.

· Coogan's just morphed into an all-burger restaurant.

· Five Guys came to Downtown Crossing last fall and is poised to open a second location on Huntington Ave.

· Bobby's Burger Palace from celebrity chef Bobby Flay is now in Burlington and may appear in Boston proper as well.

· Tasty Burger recently scored a hat-trick, expanding from Fenway to Southie and Harvard Square.

And that's on top of all the usual burger activity at countless restaurants around town. So, who's next?

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