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Charlesmark Hotel Operator: 'I Saw It, I Felt It'

The Charlesmark Hotel operating partner Mark Hagopian tells the Herald about his experience during the bombing of the Boston Marathon. "I saw it, I felt it," says Hagopian, who was on the hotel patio when the first explosion occured. He goes on:

A giant breeze came from the blast — forced air — and it blew tables and things off. Things like glasses were smashing. There was like 30 people on the patio, it was full. Everyone just looked at each other. We knew it was an explosion, but we didn't know if a generator blew up, or (if it was) a gas explosion. But 10 seconds later, the second bomb went off, and people started crying. We all knew that it was terrorists.

According to Hagopian, his staff helped guests to the emergency exit before he began documenting the destruction he saw on Boylston Street and was then asked to evacuate by police. The hotel remains closed by the police and guests cannot yet return to their rooms to collect their belongings. "But in the long term, I don't believe that people will be afraid to come to Boston."

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[Photo: Facebook/Charlesmark Hotel & Lounge]

The Charlesmark Hotel

655 Boylston Street, Boston, MA