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Numbers for Boston Burger Company, b.good, UBurger

How many burgers does UBurger go through? How many pounds of beef does Boston Burger Company use on a weekly basis? And how many pounds of fries do b.good customers order? This and more vital information below as we break down burgers by the numbers.

Note: the figures below are for a one-week period.

Boston Burger Company

(Includes both the Davis Square and Back Bay location)

Beef: 2,000 pounds.
Fries: 960 pounds.
Pickles: 160 pounds (about).
Buns: 4,300
Lettuce: 300 heads.
Ketchup: 285 pounds or 36 gallons.


(From an average week last August, including all locations)

Beef: 2872.36 pounds.
Fries: 5,400 pounds sweet potatoe, 6,000 regular.
Pickles: 14 tubs.
Buns: 10,080.
Lettuce: 24 cases.
Ketchup: 12 cases of ketchup packs.


(Includes all locations)

Beef: 3,550 pounds.
Fries: 11,350 pounds.
Pickles: 53 gallons.
Buns: 16,500.
Lettuce: 444 heads.
Ketchup: 1037.6 pounds.
Jalapeños 513 pounds.
Bacon 883 pounds.