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Union Square Donuts Expanding to Cafe Tango Space

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Photo: Rachel Leah Blumenthal

Somerville instant hit Union Square Donuts is indeed expanding as previously rumored. According to Facebook, the independent doughnut shop is temporarily closed and will soon be serving doughnut varieties such as maple bacon and chocolate chipotle from a new home. The Somerville Beat says that will happen nearby, at 16 Bow Street, and notes that it's the same address as Cafe Tango, which will continue to be Cafe Tango for dinner service, with Union Square Donuts doing its thing during the day, aka the doughnut hours. Eater hears that there will be more of everything, including more space, more doughnuts, more flavors of doughnuts, and more hours, clocking in at six or seven days a week, which is significantly more than the shop's current weekend-only schedule. Union Square Donuts opened just two month ago: stay tuned for updates and drop any of your own to the tipline.

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Union Square Donuts/Cafe Tango

16 Bow Street, Somerville, MA