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Update: Christina's is Opening a Baking Supply Shop

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Christina's in Inman Square is expanding its repertoire from spice shop and ice cream parlor to also include a baking supply shop. Cambriville Connects says that Christina's will be adding a new feature called Christina's Baking Annex, which is described as "a purveyor of quality pastry and confectionary ingredients." The annex is headed for 1297 Cambridge Street, in what was Oona's Outpost - the clothing store is going virtual - so it won't be part of the conjoined existing operation, but who knows: one day, maybe Christina's will take over the whole block? Christina's Fish Market Affix, Christina's Ramen Addendum... Stay tuned for further bakery details and drop any of your own to the tipline.

Correction: Christina's is opening a baking supply shop, not an actual bakery, as previously reported.

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