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Davis Square Could Get a World of Beer (That's a Bar)

Photo: R. Lopez via Eater DC

A chain of bars called World of Beer is looking to open shop in Davis Square. There are currently Word of Beer locations throughout the U.S. and nine more in the works, and according to a LiveJournal post, a Somerville alderwoman has been in touch the with company about a possible expansion to the Social Security building at the edge of the square, at 240 Elm Street. The post says that World of Beer is considering partnering with a restaurant for this location based on concerns that this would be "a drinking hole... that allows you to bring in your own food and barely serves any food of their own." Cue impassioned comments! Somervillians have challenged that perspective including " what sort of 'undesirables' could afford to drink in Davis Square?" and a request for "not another cookie cut business." But not to worry: the World of Beer website has a section devoted to "culture," where it says things like "WOB Culture is about being a part of the neighborhood."

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