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Best-Named Restaurant in Cambridge Changing Its Name

Photo: Flickr/Sartak

What has been Pu Pu Hot Pot for 20 years in Central Square will now become a new restaurant called The Dumpling Room, says Cambridge Day. And yes, Pu Pu Hot Pot gets how funny its name is. From the restaurant's Facebook page: "Say what you want, but we are #1! Not #2, as many have suspected...." According to the article, The Dumpling Room will be owned by Marc Shulman and Patty Chen, who also run the All Asia, which they plan to reopen as Prospect Lounge elsewhere in the neighborhood. The two are married, and Chen was already the chef at Pu Pu Hot Pot, which appears to have been owned by her family. The Dumpling Room is shooting for a June opening with a menu "focused almost entirely on dumplings" plus Taiwanese dishes. As sad as it is to have such a titter-inducing restaurant name leave the area, it is some condolence that the name of the new restaurant still contains a synonym for going to the bathroom, if one were to really think about it.

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Patty Chen's Dumpling Room

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Pu Pu Hot Pot

907 Main Street, Cambridge, MA