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From Stefani House of Pizza to Primo Pizza & Roast Beef

Yes, Stefani House of Pizza in Central Square is indeed closed and the space is in the process of becoming a new restaurant called Primo Pizza & Roast Beef. A tipster writes in with photographic evidence of the imminent switcheroo, seen at right. An employee from Primo Pizza & Roast Beef in Lynn previously denied any plans to open in the Boston area, though it's hard to believe that a new restaurant with the exact same name just eleven miles away would have no connection to that location. According to its Facebook page, Stefani House of Pizza , aka Stefani's Pizza and Stefani Pizzeria, had been open for over 30 years. The changeover was first noticed by a poster on Chowhound.

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Primo Pizza & Roast Beef

783 Main St, Cambridge, MA