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The Onion Thrashes Boston Dining and Nightlife

Photo: Newbury Street, Flickr/Michael Kappel

A new article in satirical newspaper The Onion thrashes Boston for being an endearing but pathetic imitation of larger cities like New York and takes special aim at Boston's dining and nightlife scenes. The article, titled "Pretty Cute Watching Boston Residents Play Daily Game Of 'Big City'" will surely stoke the insecurities of Boston dining patrons who wet themselves any time that David Chang, Danny Meyer or Eric Ripert is mentioned. A made-up New Yorker is quoted as saying "My favorite part is when those little guys and gals head out to bars on the weekend like they're experiencing real nightlife!" followed up with "Gets me every time." It goes on: "Boston residents are particularly endearing when they get all dressed up for a night at the theater" and "eat a big, fancy dinner at the Prudential Center's top-floor restaurant" (that's Top of the Hub). And Newbury Street is painted as a place that "allows residents to sip cappuccinos and pretend to be chic urbanites for the day."

What do you think of the portrayal? Weigh in via the comments.

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