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The Taco Truck Will Become More Than Just a Truck

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The Taco Truck debuted in Boston in April of 2012 as a mobile food vendor, and since the beginning the New Jersey-based company has talked of opening a brick and mortar restaurant, as it has in Hoboken. And that's still in the works. Grub Street spots a Craigslist job posting that says "A restaurant will be built in the Boston area soon!" and a representative from the company says that they are actively looking at a couple of spots. The Boston truck can currently be found at sites including Dewey Square, in Cambridge, and at the Boston Public Library: see Twitter for updates. The Taco Truck recently shared an updated version of its menu, which includes the increasingly popular torta (essentially a Mexican sandwich), nine types of tacos, a salad, and sides ranging from rice and beans to chilaquiles and churros with pumpkin sauce. Stay tuned for further details about the planned restaurant and send any updates of your own to the tipline.

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