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12AM Korean Fried Chicken at Mission Sushi & Wok

Photo: Facebook/Mission Sushi & Wok

Mission Sushi & Wok is now open on Tremont in Mission Hill. Grub Street spots a Facebook update indicating that Mission Sushi & Wok held a grand opening on Saturday. As the name suggests, Mission Sushi & Wok spans various Asian cuisines, and the menu is Epcot-like in its ambassadorial nature. It includes Korean fried chicken available with four different sauces, one of which is (water?) buffalo, sushi, sushi "pizza," pad thai, bao and udon. Sides include kimchi, tom yum soup, and French fries. Vegetarian and glutenless options are offered, and spent cooking oil from the kitchen is recycled for biofuel. Mission Sushi & Wok is open 11:30AM to 11PM Monday through Thursday, 11:30AM to 12:00AM Friday and Saturday, and 12PM to 11PM on Sunday.
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Mission Sushi & Wok

1625 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02120 617-739-8888

Mission Sushi and Wok

1625 Tremont Street