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Five Things to Know About Boston Chops

Photo: Rachel Leah Blumenthal

Boston Chops, a new steakhouse for the South End, opens today. Rumor had it that the restaurant would soft-open over the weekend, and while that didn't happen for the general public, a series of enthusiastic comments on Facebook indicates that some people did indeed gain access: now you can, too. Yesterday chef Chris Coombs of Deuxave and dbar tweeted "To answer the most asked question of my life, @Bostonchops will open to the public tomorrow, Monday March 4 Yes we are officially opening!" This morning, he shared his internal theme song, writing "From the second I woke up today. The Rocky theme Song has been on repeat in my head. Always a good sign. #firstnight @bostonchops #smashit." Here's five things you should know.

1. Boston Chops features a see-through wine room containing over 2,000 bottles.

2. Once upon a time, this space was home to Banq. Once upon another time, it was Ginger Park.

3. L'Espalier alum Kate Moore serves as sommelier and also heads the bar program.

4. The menu features some atypical cuts for a steakhouse, including tongue, cheek, tripe and oxtail.

5. Yes, there is a potato injected with poutine gravy.

Update: an employee tells Eater that the bar opens at 4PM and the dining room at 5PM.

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Boston Chops

1375 Washington St, Boston, MA 02118 617 227 5011 Visit Website

Boston Chops

1375 Washington Street, Boston, MA