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The Word on Geoffrey's Cafe in Bay Village

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A tipster recently wrote in to say that Geoffrey's Cafe at 142 Berkeley Street in Bay Village was being evicted, and similar talk has surfaced over on Chowhound, where a commenter says that the restaurant "is set to close any day now" and that the owner "owes six figures in rent, water, vendors, IRS, etc." The management at Geoffrey's Cafe has failed to respond to a request for further information, so Eater headed over to the Suffolk Superior Courthouse to see if there were indeed any legal documents involved. There are, but findings are thus far inconclusive. Yes, a case was filed against Geoffrey's Cafe in early January, but according to the documents no verdict has yet been reached. Still, though the cafe remains open, it appears as though all is not ideal in its affairs. Stay tuned for updates and drop any further information of your own to the tipline.

Update 3/7/13: A representative from Geoffrey's Cafe tells Eater that the information posted on Chowhound is just a rumor and says that the restaurant is operating as usual and plans to continue to do so.

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Geoffrey's Cafe

142 Berkeley Street, Boston, MA